How Long Is an Appointment for CEREC Crowns?

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If you need a dental restoration, CEREC crowns might be a good option for you. These crowns only require one dental appointment, saving you time. But you might still be wondering how long it will take to get CEREC crowns. Read on to learn more about this type of dental crown.

What are CEREC crowns?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. This is an alternative method that patients have available to them when getting a crown. Traditional crowns must be made in a lab. However, CEREC crowns can be made right at the dental office. Patients will have both X-rays and digital images instead of impressions.

Patients may find this more comfortable than a traditional method. With conventional crowns, patients may have at least two appointments. One is for the fitting and one is for the placement itself. The patient needs to have a temporary crown during this time. However, none of this is the case with CEREC crowns. Each of these crowns is made out of ceramic and will match the color of the teeth.

How long it takes

A common reason that a patient or a dentist might choose CEREC crowns is saving time. Traditional crowns take many appointments, which usually happen in the frame of about a month. However, for busy patients, this time commitment can be hard. On the other hand, getting a CEREC crown only takes one appointment.

The appointment will take only a little bit longer than a typical dental exam and a cleaning. Patients can expect to spend about one and a half hours to two hours at the dental office. The patient will have about 30 to 45 minutes of downtime when the crown is being made. During this time, patients can read, use electronics, or use other entertainment methods. Putting the crown into place will only take about half an hour at the most.

Getting CEREC crowns

This type of crown is often used by many dental offices. Some have completely switched to this type of technology. When a ceramic crown is needed, a dentist might recommend a CEREC one. These dental caps can protect teeth that have extensive damage.

It can be either from internal treatment, such as a root canal or advanced decay. A tooth might need a crown if it has been injured as well. The dentist might recommend a traditional crown if the patient needs to have an alloy dental appliance. An alloy crown may work better for someone who grinds their teeth at night.

Visit your dentist for CEREC crowns

If you are a busy patient, you might like the idea of a crown that does not take long to get. If you are considering getting CEREC crowns, make an appointment with your dentist. Your dental professional can help you decide if this type of crown is right for you. During your appointment, you may want to bring a book to read while you wait for the crown.

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