We provide a calm, comforting atmosphere to those visiting Cosmetic & Family Dentistry of the North Shore and this is only made possible with our highly trained and caring, compassionate team. Please see below to learn more about each of the exceptional dental professionals working alongside our dentist, Dr. Bryan Cousin. Call us at 781-780-4747 to schedule your appointment for quality dental care in Lynn, Massachusetts.

Dario – Technology Assistant
Dario joined our team in January of 2018. In high school, he took television production classes and was introduced to video editing, where he learned more about computers. He is always available to answer phones and assist everyone in any way possible. Dr. Cousin is Dario’s stepdad and Cara is his mom, so, to Dario, it feels like family being with everyone at Cosmetic & Family Dentistry of the North Shore. Some of Dario’s biggest hobbies are video and photography, mainly of trains, planes and boats. He also loves traveling, whether it’s to see family or trains.


Reignee – Dental Assistant
Previously a medical assistant for seven years, Reignee has been a well-versed addition to our practice since 2017. She a team player who enjoys helping people and making them feel better about their smile. She’s also a part-time hairdresser, which she enjoys as one of her hobbies. Reignee also has a wonderful fiancé and two kids.


Amila – Dental Assistant
Amila trained with our very own Dr. Cousin as she attended his dental assisting training program — Dental Careers of the North Shore. She likes who she works with and is continuing to improve her dental assistant skills, so she can provide our patients with thorough, quality care.


Cara – Dental Hygienist
We are pleased to have had Cara as a member of our team since 2014. She attended Columbia University and graduated from Miami Dade College. Cara is a wonderful leader, an apt educator with patients and enjoys seeing their resulting smiles. She was born in Miami, Florida, but raised her family in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Cara has two children and three grandchildren.


Dawn – Dental Hygienist
Dawn has been a member of our team since 2018. She is a great asset because of her versatility and her love of people. Dawn is skilled at getting to know people from any social status and background. She loves working here because of our great team and the great atmosphere at our office. Being a dental hygienist not only means being a dental health professional but also being a teacher and a friend to her colleagues and patients. Dawn is very committed to her education. Since high school, she has studied for seven years, including summers. She graduated Boston University Magna Cum laude, then went on to Forsyth Dental Hygiene School which is now Mass College of Pharmacy. Dawn loves her family and her work family. Our well-rounded hygienist was on a dance team growing up. Dawn enjoys skiing, gardening and running.